Bodily Integrity was an anonymous collaborative event. The work was documented with photography, social sculpture and sound recordings of conversations and biographical experiences. All members of the group use or did use controlled substances, particularly Cannabis, for inflammation, chronic pain and disease. Each member openly discussed the costs of this use, legally and socially, compared to the medicinal benefits. Bodily Integrity is a legal right in both Irish and American constitutions; yet, ,fines, loss of jobs and homes are consequences for citizens who treat illnesses with particular plants. As a group we created a social sculpture applying black felt, cut letters forming three descriptive words regarding our experiences and thoughts on the prohibition of medicinal plants, to yellow umbrellas which could be revealed and concealed. Revealing and concealing is symbolic for all of those who must lead secret illegal and socially restrictive lives in order to combat illness. We photographed the sculpture in staged positions at Castlefreke park. Castlefreke site is politically significant in West Cork, as it was a site of revolution and its use was prohibited for Irish citizens until recently. The documentation was exhibited on Sherkin Island in 2019

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