A filmed performance created during Covid 19. is an aesthetic inquiry into the subjective and objective problem of epistemology. The exploration begins with a solo performance regarding personal identity, developed and recorded in my private domestic space. Part two will record an interaction of a collective identity, using social sculpture and dance.  This  happening will take place in the public square of our local community. The intention and goal to gain knowledge of individuals and cultures  who differ contextually is questioned throughout the performances. Respect and tolerance for opacity juxtaposed with expectations of transparency are considered.. Tension, discomfort, equality  prefabricated binaries, hierarchical stratifications and acceptance are all potential outcomes when engaging with those who differ socially, politically, mentally, physically: "the 'other'". The limits of language, imagery, and sound along with the tools and techniques used in interpreting scientific observations are presented 
as an inquiry of these mechanisms' ability to translate the human subjective experience into a universal, objective language.
 The filmed performance and social sculpture  can be seen as an installation in the graduate exhibition for TUDublin's Visual Arts Hons BA. Sherkin Island.
 September, 2020.

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